Sometimes called White Charcoal, Kishu Binchotan is an incredibly hard-working natural material with the superb capacity to purify. In water it draws away impurities, adds nutrients and leaves it better tasting. It efficiently cleanses the air, body and skin too. The making process of Kishu Binchotan is a natural cycle which is completed during the products lifespan. We carefully follow ancient Japanese traditions in the charcoals’ manufacture, keeping alive centuries-old crafts and helping to maintain a fragile ecosystem.

White Charcoal

For centuries, the Japanese have produced active, handcrafted charcoal commonly known as “White Charcoal”. This material has long been cherished for its unique ability to naturally purify materials by attracting, absorbing and encapsulating harmful substances to its surface. As it is a solid form of carbon, it also balances the global CO2 challenge.